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The Next Great Disruption: Hybrid Work

By Erik Korsvik Østergaard, 14. April 2021.

Microsoft released their 2021 Work Trend Index-report, containing both data from their systems (Microsoft O365 and LinkedIn) and data from surveys, to share with us input on 7 specific trends on the hybrid workplace.  

Here are four of those trends, that we find interesting: 

1: Flexible work is here to stay.

2: Leaders are out of touch with employees and need a wake-up call.

3: High productivity is masking an exhausted workforce.

5: Shrinking networks are endangering innovation.

Teams are more siloed in a digital work worldCollaboration trends in Microsoft Teams and Outlook show that interactions with our immediate team, or close network, strengthened with the move to remote work. However, our interactions outside of that team, or distant networks, have diminished. 


Put simply, companies became more siloed than they were before the pandemic.

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