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Do you need advice, training, and tools?

We enable you to shape your future

Our aim is to enable you to shape your future.

We work more as visionary architects and mentors, than operational drivers of change. We strive to provide you with the mindset, skillset, and energy to be the catalyst of the change.

That’s why we focus a lot on making you self-propelled, via advisory, mentoring, training sessions, and tons of free tools. Yes, free tools.

Mentoring and giving advice

Our coaching and mentoring sessions are typically long-lasting and tend to become partnerships over time. Mentor sessions are either ad-hoc and spontaneous when you need it, or planned in 6 months engagements.

Training sessions

Both standard and bespoke training sessions are normal to us, based on the proven 4C structure (Connect with the problem, present the Concept, get Concrete practice, make a personal Conclusion).

Training sessions are dialogue based, and either virtual or in-person. Typical training sessions:

  • Being a leader in a self-led organization
  • Purpose-driven leadership
  • Coaching a team
  • Modern business-models
  • Agile tactical execution


To us, a tool is a tool. Our ideology is to release all our tools for free, as we get familiar with them in practice. You can get them below.

We enable you to shape your future by

Management advisory – On C-level, focusing on strategy, leadership, innovation, and culture in the light of Future Of Work.

Mentoring – Personal mentor engagements, fitted especially to your needs.

Training courses – For leaders and management teams, both Leading Business, Leading Leaders, and Leading Others.

Tools – We strive to provide all our tools for free, under Common Creatives.

But why? What’s the point?

The world is changing. Organizations and leaders are facing tough challenges and huge opportunities at the same time. The world is VUCA – vulnerable, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The world is affected by megatrends, e.g. the digital age and a new set of demands from employees. This gives us the obligation and possibility to shape our future – and be part of creating a better world.

Todays problems are too big to ignore. The “Global Grand Challenges” are very well described by Singularity University: Learning. Water. Space. Health. Prosperity. Environment Food. Energy. Security. Disaster Resilience. Governance. Shelter. The 17 Sustainable Goals as described by the UN are fully in line with this. We work to support goal number 8, “Decent work and economic growth“. We envision a world, where these global problems are solved through technology and global collaboration.

Organizations that have purposeful direction and distributed leadership, and that are innovative, agile, and can adapt and respond to this are more likely to succeed. They outperform their peers, attract and retain the talent, have healthier cultures, and improved financials.

This requires radical new approaches to direction, leadership, innovation, and company culture. But, what are these new demands for leadership? How can you organize and motivate your team? What is expected from you as manager? This is where we can help you.

Our tools are free

Our ideology is to release all our tools for free, as we get familiar with them in practice. Every tool, model or the like you find below will have been tested, tried, maybe modified and implemented in everyday life. Either internally or in collaboration with or clients and partners. This means that some of the tools are modified, adapted or made from scratch, which also means that they have different Creative Common Licenses (CC). We have marked all tools and models with the appropriate CC variation. Basically this means: These tools and models are to you, from us.

Feel free to download them and use them. If you have comments or improvements to them, please let us know.

Get our free tools at Bloch&Østergaard ApS